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[New Model] Massage Gun For Deep Tissue Massage For Relaxation & Pain relief ( Free Shipping in USA)

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Massage Gun For Body Relaxation & Pain

About the product:

·      Do you feel body pain after a long day and need a good massage to release muscle tension and body aches. Our massage gun helps you overcome muscle soreness, fatigue, combat stiffness and gives you maximum comfort at home.

·      It is great for personal use as well as for professional athletes, professional physical therapist and chiropractors. It serves a purpose for everyone. Professionals can use it for giving massage to their clients.

·      This massage gun is best to use at home by all family members of different age group. It is safe to use by old age and adults also. Do not cause extreme harshness and pressure on the body.

·      It has 20-30 speed level adjustment. Speed setting are easy to use by anyone as per their requirement. 1-4 level adjustments are for light and gentle massage, 5-8 level are used for middle massage, 9-12 level for muscle awakening, 13-16 level for fascia massage and 17-20 level massage is used by athletes and professionals for strong massage.

·      This percussion therapy is effective and beneficial in softening stiff muscle group. It has strong and fast percussion per minute to give best results.

·      Our percussion massage gun is best recovery tool for athletes and gym-goers. It helps in fast muscle recovery. It improves the flexibility and range of motions by increasing blood flow in the muscles. This massager is best choice for athletes post workout to fasten their recovery process and feel relax.

·      This power massager has low operation noise. It operates under 38dB~50dB. You can enjoy a quiet massage and yet powerful.

·      It has High torque brushless motor, 40dB for SOAIY massage, 50DdB for moderate rainfall, 60dB for high conversation and 70Db for car city traffic. Delivers quite massage experience.

·      Our massage gun is consist of the anti-drop shell body. Its cover is made from nylon 66 and glass fibre which makes it anti breakable. Therefore, it is safe to use around kids and where the chances of breakage is high. You can use your massager comfortably without any fear 

·      It is embedded with Ai intelligent chip which is very quick to respond and process to all the instruction. The chip made the working of the massager faster. It improves the overall performance

·      It comes with 5 different massage heads. Each massage head serves a different purpose. Big ball head is used for large muscle group, spade-shaped head for whole-body bone, bifork head for spine and neck, flat head is suitable for all parts of the body for deep and soft tissue relaxation. All head attachments covers almost all body parts. You can use any one according to your need.

·      The massage gun has a battery capacity of 2500 mAh. It has fast charging technology with longer battery span. It takes 2 hours to get charged fully. After charging once it works for 5-6 hours. It is durable and has a long battery life. Battery’s rated voltage is DC 16.8 V. Type of battery used in the massager is Li-ion.

·      It comes with a LCD display which has on/off button and speed regulation button. It is easy to use by anyone.

·      Massage gun is portable and easy to carry anywhere. It can fit into a small bag and used anywhere at home, office, car, long trips etc.

·      Only Massagers is offering one of the best massager gun in the market. It give perfect massage experience. You just have to sit and relax, it will melt your stress right away.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you have body pain or joint pain issues?

If yes, then this personal handheld massage gun helps you overcome them. It overcomes the combat stiffness, muscle soreness, relieves body fatigue etc.

  • How often you should use a massage gun?

Massage guns on the market are one of the best things to use. When it comes to recovery, then it is the best time to do it right after. We recommend using it for at least 2 minutes on the muscles you think will be sore.

  • Are massage guns a gimmick?

It is basically like a DIY deep tissue massage as it can be a helpful addition to other methods you already use for your muscle group.



  • Power Massager Version: LCD.
  • Speed Regulation: 30 Gear Control.
  • Frequency: 4000r/min frequency.
  • Stroke: 12mm.
  • Power: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery.
  • Rated Voltage: AC 110-220V, 50/60Hz.
  • Battery Capacity: 2500mAh.
  • Battery Rated Voltage: DC 16.8V.
  • Working Hour: 4-6 hours massager.
  • Charge Time: 2 hours.
  • Colour: black & silver.


Shipping Time

  • Free Shipping in the US. Get the product in 5-15 days* depending on your location.
  • *For more details read our Shipping Policy.


Refund Policy

We have a 7-day return policy, for more details read our Refund Policy.